Hong Kong Stories: Old Themes New Voices

Hong Kong Stories: Old Themes New Voices

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Edited by Eva Hung
160 pages
ISBN 962-7255-20-3

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This is a collection of stories by six young writers who have gained prominence in the Hong Kong literary scene in the last decade of the 20th century. In telling the Hong Kong story, they face up to such issues as rapid economic and political changes as well as the continuous impact of Western ideas and mores. They make a conscious effort to explore their own identity from a Hong Kong perspective, and to describe Hong Kong's special way of life and the trials and tribulations of a populace caught between two cultures.

'The six selections contained in Hong Kong Stories, all by younger writers and all published this decade, indicate the presence of a vibrant and sophisticated writing scene.'

World Literature Today

'Although penned by different authors and translators, the collection possesses a strong continuity. The prose is exceptionally elegant and reads well in English. ln several stories, fantasy and reality, past and present and several first-person narrators intermingle smoothly. There is modernism yet rich Chinese imagery and fantasy.'

—South China Morning Post

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