Love in a Small Town

Love in a Small Town

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By Wang Anyi
Translated by Eva Hung
ix + 108 pages
ISBN 962-7255-03-3

A true story based on Wang's experiences in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution, Love in a Small Town is also the author's personal exploration into human nature and sexuality. Written at a time when sex was still a taboo subject in China, the book's real innovation is not its sexual explicitness, but its acknowledgement of sexual love as a powerful force in human life.

'Wang Anyi is credited with creating fiction from a woman's point of view.'


'An affirmation of female sexuality ... The author's keen observation of the psychosexual impulses of adolescents is engaging ...'

—The Australian Journal of Chinese Affairs

This is the first volume of Wang's Love Trilogy. The second is also available in English translation as a Renditions Paperback: 

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