Song without Music: Chinese Tz'u Poetry

Song without Music: Chinese Tz'u Poetry

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Edited by Stephen C. Soong
282 pages
ISBN 962-201-206-X

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'Tz'u' [Ci] means 'song words' in Chinese. The genre originated as lyrics written to music, sung and enjoyed by the common people. Its popular appeal continued after its adoption by the literati. Tz'u poetry reached its peak in the Song dynasty (AD 10th to 12th century) and still stands as one of the major achievements of China's poetic tradition.

Comprising nine critical essays and translations of eight representative poets, this volume presents a comprehensive survey of the history of the genre as well as the achievements of individual writers. Contributors to this volume include many leading scholars of classical Chinese literature in the West and in China.

'In this very attractive anthology, editor Soong has brought together poems and essays that gracefully introduce the reader to a major genre of Chinese poetry.'

—A.L.A. Booklist

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