Towards a History of Translating: Vol. I, On Translation

Towards a History of Translating: Vol. I, On Translation

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Edited by Lawrence Wang-chi Wong with the assistance of Stephanie Cheuk Wong
304 pages
ISBN 978-962-7255-36-9

Table of contents

The Research Centre for Translation (RCT), Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2011. It is an important landmark, one that allows the Centre to re-examine its many achievements over these forty years and to envision its future role in Chinese literature translation and translation history research. To commemorate this event, the three-volume Towards a History of Translating is compiled. The first two volumes consist of articles on translation and Chinese literature selected from the past issues of Renditions. The articles are arranged in chronological order of their first appearance in Renditions, kept as close as possible to the previously published editions to give our readers a closer feel for the RCT’s development over the years. 

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