Trees on the Mountain: An Anthology of New Chinese Writing

Trees on the Mountain: An Anthology of New Chinese Writing

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Edited by Stephen C. Soong and John Minford
402 pages
ISBN 962-201-335-X

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The early 1980s saw a new lease of life in the literary circle in mainland China as well as a corresponding increase in literary creativity in Taiwan and Hong Kong. This book is a landmark publication which captures the spirit of innovation in the work of young writers from all three places.

The works collected here include essays, fiction, poetry and drama. Of particular interest is the section on 'Misty Poetry' by a new generation of mainland Chinese poets, introduced here to English readers for the first time. Many of them are now well known internationally.

Stephen C. Soong was founding editor of Renditions. John Minford, the co-editor, is the translator of the last forty chapters of The Story of the Stone.

'... the most thoughtful introduction to modernist Chinese poetry and prose ever.'


'Three factors recommend this book very highly: the breadth of its coverage, including prose, fiction, poetry, drama and criticism: the intrinsic literary merit of the works selected; and the superior readability of the translations.'

—Modern Chinese Literature

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